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Finance Intern for the Ukraine mission at ACTED

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Position context and key challenges

Despite several ceasefires and after 3 years of conflict, the situation in Eastern Ukraine remains unstable. Periods of relative calm are regularly followed by flare-ups of violence. In 2017, over 10,000 people have been killed including 2,000 civilians, 4.4 million people have been affected by the conflict. As a result, 3.8 million people, of which 70% are women, children and elderly, are in need of humanitarian assistance and 1.7 million people are registered as internally displaced. In 2017, as indicated through various report including by REACH assessments facilitated by ACTED, the humanitarian situation has started to deteriorate again, mostly in the non-government controlled areas.

  • 4.4 million people affected by the conflict in 2017
  • 1.7 million people internally displaced

Key roles and responsibilities

1. Contribute to ACTED Compliance and Accountability

  • Provide support to the Finance Officer on controlling the compliance of the ACTED documentation by checking the accuracy, exhaustiveness and consistency of the information contained in these documents in line with ACTED and donors’ procedures for both capital and field expenses (scope to be determined by the Contry Finance Manager and Country Director); and provide discrepancies’ consolidated reports to the Country Finance Manager (CFM).
  • Support the Finance Officer in checking partners’ financial transactions and ensure correct allocations to respective budget lines through a check list; upon request, travel to the field and physically conduct a random sample of partners’ vouchers and ensure the financial transactions meet donor requirements
  • Suggest update and improvement of ACTED’s procedures in link with the CFM;
  • Support to external audits preparation.

2. Control of Monthly Internal Reporting tools

2.1 Accounting review

Check that :

  • the financial flows are lettered on a monthly basis in SAGA (software)
  • flows cross-countries (including HQ) are well cross-referenced before local salaries payments
  • the Monthly InforEuro exchange rate table with the exchange rates entered in SAGA

2.2 Finance TITANIC review – between the 10th and the 15th

  • Crosscheck SAGA and Allocation Tables: in case of discrepancies, send a list of corrections to be validated by the CFM for the Finance Officer to correct data in SAGA or Allocation Tables;
  • Crosscheck the Allocation Tables and the monthly forecasts in the Budget Follow Ups (BFUs): in case of discrepancies, send a list of corrections to be validated by the CFM for the Finance Officer;
  • Crosscheck the consistency of data between the different finance reports;
  • Crosscheck the Red Cell Game with the physical vouchers received at Country Office Level;
  • Crosscheck the Cofounding Follow-Up is in line with the BFUs (including a cofounding section);
  • Review the monthly report: general information, template, projects data, amounts reported and instalments received (both at field and HQ level)
  • Fill the budget follow-up

2.3 Cost Control

  • Detect possible variances on the Monthly Running Cost Follow-Up and inform CFM accordingly (through a memo);
  • Upon request of the CFM, conduct market surveys;
  • Prepare a monthly Finance Control Report

2.4 HR follow-up

  • Cross-check the consistency of the analytical allocation between the Allocation Tables, the Staff Data base and the HR report.

3. Provide support to the daily tasks:

  • Preparation of Budgets
  • Draft of Financial Sheets
  • Preparation of Financial Reports
  • Midyear and Annual Accounting Closure
  • Archiving

Required qualifications and technical competencies

  • Msc in Administration, Business Management or equivalent
  • Finance and accounting skills required
  • Willingness to undertake serious responsibility and manage stress efficiently
  • Excellent communication skills, including advanced written and oral English (or French for francophone countries)


Field Intern benefits include:

  • 300 USD per month living allowance
  • Coverage of all accommodation, guesthouse, food, and travel costs, a luggage allowance of 50 kg
  • The provision of medical, repatriation, and life insurance.

How to Apply

Please send your application including cover letter and CV via the "apply now" button under Ref: FI/UKR

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